Here at the Holistic Practice we are dedicated to providing health care based on the concept of living congruently with our genetic blueprint.  Our genetic profile is programmed for health which means all the cells of your body are “hardwired” to heal and be healthy.

Your cells will always move themselves and the tissues and tissue systems that they make up towards homeostasis and health.  Whether your cells can get back to health and homeostasis after facing stress is dependent on you providing them with required raw materials in sufficient amounts for long enough and ensuring that they are free of toxicities.

So, what do we have to do if we want to be healthy?!  Easy!  Increase cell function and keep it there: all we need to do is provide our cells with sufficient amounts of the natural resources they need for proper function and avoid the things that are toxic.  All we need to do is to live congruently with the innate intelligence in our genes.

The health team at the Holistic Practice has been trained to do just that: to help you learn what your body/mind/spirit needs in order to express health and how to get from whatever state of health in which you find yourself to a healthy and optimal state, and how to stay there no matter what stressors may come your way.

Dr. Ferretti is among the first CERTIFIED CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS PRACTITIONERS (C.C.W.P.) in all of Canada!

The ICA Council on Wellness Science C.C.W.P. training program on wellness is comprised of the latest research on health and wellness, ground-breaking clinical applications and practical lifestyle management, provided in the context of chiropractic care.

Why Chiropractic Works

Vitamin D

Vitamin D   Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D was thought only to benefit bone health, however, recent discoveries suggest that vitamin D has significantly more far-reaching effects and plays a huge role in the overall health of the body. It has even been...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ticks and Lyme Disease With summer comes all the joys of participating in outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, hiking and relaxing walks through woods. However with the summer comes all those annoying insects like mosquitos, black flies and ticks. In Ontario...

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Probiotics The word "probiotic" is a compound of two Greek words: "pro," to signify promotion of and "biotic," which means life. Their very definition is something that affirms life and health. That's true even by modern standards. The World Health Organization...

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Healing the Gut

Healing the Gut

Healing the Gut Leaky gut can cause severe symptoms such as diarrhea or lead to conditions such as re-intoxification (auto-intoxification) of the digestive tract. This illness can often contribute to the development of related health conditions including ulcerative...

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