Dr. Andrea Ferretti and The Holistic Practice Team COVID-19 Update

As at Thursday, March 26, 2020

On Friday, March 13, Practices and Strategies were put into place to ensure the safety of each and every patient’s health and these practices and strategies continue to be employed and upgraded.

Based upon recommendations provided by CCO and OCA and following the “List of Essential Work Places” as delivered by the Premier of Ontario and Ministry of Health. . .

The Holistic Practice Clinic will remain OPEN with modifications to the scheduling of patients (to ensure social distancing), the delivery of supplements, and all health safety strategies (sanitization and disinfection before and after each patient) in place.

The Holistic Practice Clinic will remain OPEN to “flatten the curve” and alleviate the patient load on hospitals for those who have suffered accident, injury, or excessive stressors, and whom we are in a position to help.


Ways to Deal With Stress During a Crisis

Whatever is challenging your life at the present time – COVID-19 and all its requirements; problems with or at work; troubles with your loved ones; or issues regarding school and your children, they all share something in common: stress.

When we are faced with a crisis, no matter whether it’s related to family, health, finances, work or a relationship, it can consume our thoughts, drain our energy, and get us spinning in the stress cycle.

When people go through a crisis, they often find they hold their breath to keep their emotions down, while their mind races with all the worst-case scenarios. One might even notice the bitter taste of adrenaline in the mouth. This frame of mind makes it difficult to get anything done. And when we feel like this, it can affect our mood, our behavior and even the decisions we make.

Tools to Help One Cope – Next time you find yourself in a crisis, try using some of these five stress relief tools to help you cope. Practicing these techniques should help you think more clearly.

  1. 1Breathe: Consciously breathing slowly and deeply keeps us present, oxygenates the brain, increases mental clarity and slows thoughts to a functional speed. Breathing Exercises Excerpt
  2. Make time for quiet, reflective thinking and deeper relaxation: Research shows that you will be able to problem solve more creatively, have greater insight into the issues and create a better plan for dealing with them.
  3. 3.Stop ruminating: If you tend to rant and rave, take 10 minutes every day to do so. But here are the rules: You only get 10 minutes for this, and when your time is up, move on. There’s also no borrowing on tomorrow’s time. When stress-filled thoughts rise in  your mind, breathe to refocus and move on.
  4. 4Include exercise, sufficient rest and healthy eating in this process: All of these healthy habits affect your energy and ability to successfully work through any crisis.
  5. Use mind-body tools: Techniques like breath work, imagery, passive relaxation and autogenic training can help you fall asleep or get back to sleep.
  6. Use body-movement tools: walking, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Pilates, put on some music and dance around the house, or start the spring cleaning. Movement dissipates the hormonal cascade which occurs when flight/fight kicks in – movement helps to restore homeostasis, growth and repair. LYMPHATIC CLEANSING

For acute stress situations and feeling overwhelmed:


One of the most challenging situations for your system occurs when stress becomes a chronic response.  This can lead to a state of dis-ease in the body and when it cannot cope any further, opens the door to development of chronic disease:


To schedule a phone appointment or make changes to your appointment please contact the clinic via phone (905) 628-2389 or via e-mail: office@theholisticpractice.com

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