In this interview, Dieter Staudinger, author of the international bestselling book Juice Your Way to Health, talks with Dr. Andrea Ferretti about how to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression). She makes clear that it is not bad genes or bad luck and what we can do about it.

She explains how industrialized and technological living is extremely toxic and deficient and how we can become resilient and healthy – and how cleanses, in particular a juice cleanse are a vital part of this strategy.

Dr Ferretti explains the importance of cellular health, the difference between a cleanse and a detox and why juicing is one of the best way to repair cellular damage and organ dysfunctions. Other topics discussed are detox symptoms and specific strategies on how to minimize or prevent them. Dr Ferretti also shares empirical data on how simply drinking fresh vegetable juice is supporting the colon, which in turn can alleviate depression because of the neurotransmitters in the intestines. She also gives the scientific explanation on how juicing helps in alleviating allergies and associated symptoms. Finally, Dr. Ferretti shares the best strategies that have worked for hundreds of clients and for anyone who desires to create a health body and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family

In this interview, Chris Rivait of Arrivait TV interviews Dr. Ferretti about “How to Find a Great Chiropractor in Dundas, Ontario.” Dr. Ferretti explains that if you want to find a great chiropractor, begin by asking family, friends, and your medical doctor. Medical doctors always know who the best chiropractors are for different conditions, as do healthcare providers because they often are a great source of referrals for the best chiropractors for your condition. Some chiropractors specialize in sports rehabilitation or pediatrics or rehabilitation. Other chiropractors use specific techniques, either traditional chiropractic techniques. Some chiropractors do a lot of muscle work. Other chiropractors specialize in non-force or low-force techniques that are extremely gentle. You can find a technique that’s right not only for your body and your personality but your condition as well. Dr. Ferretti also talks about what you can and should expect at your first visit to a chiropractic office.

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