Creamy Avocado Fudge Pops

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Recipe From Dr. Mercola

Ice pops and frozen puddings and ice creams on a stick are a snack that’s well-loved around the world. Kids love them, especially on a hot summer day. However, the problem with this type of food is that it’s usually processed and is high in sugar and very low in nutrition, which isn’t ideal for you and your growing kids.1
Instead, I recommend you try this scrumptious frozen fudge pop recipe. It uses avocado as the base ingredient, along with cocoa powder to give it an appealing flavor for people of all ages. This is one summer treat your children will definitely look forward to all the time.

Creamy Avocado Fudge Pops

Cook time: 4 to 6 hrs. Number of Serving: 12 minipops

• 2 large organic avocados
• 1/2 cup of homemade or organic Greek yogurt
• 1 cup of organic full-fat coconut milk
• 1/2 cup of raw cocoa powder
• 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
• 1/4 cup of monk fruit
• Pinch of salt, optional

1. In a blender, puree all the ingredients until smooth.
2. Pour or spoon the mixture into ice pop molds to freeze.
3. Tap the molds on the countertop several times once they are full to try to remove air bubbles.
4. Insert ice-pop sticks and freeze until pops are solid (four to six hours or preferably overnight).

Note: This recipe makes six full-size frozen fudge pops or 12 mini pops.

Avocado: The Superfood You Should Be Eating Regularly

This green fruit may not look like much, but it’s actually one of the healthiest foods you can add to your diet. Avocado can be eaten by itself or used in various ways, such as in this recipe. But what makes avocado a superfood anyway? Just take a look at what it may be able to do for you:2
• Anti-inflammatory: The healthy fats in avocado are primarily composed of oleic acid, which has been suggested to help reduce C-reactive protein, a biological marker for inflammation.3
• Rich in fiber: Seventy-five percent of the fiber in avocado is insoluble, while the remaining is soluble. The combination of the two may help contribute to weight management by helping you feel full longer, reduce blood sugar spikes and feed the healthy bacteria in your gut.
• May help with cholesterol management: Several studies have found that consuming avocado may help lower harmful cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.4,5,6
• Offers assorted nutrients: Avocados are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins K, C, B-5, B-6, E, potassium and folate, which are all necessary for optimal health.

Real Chocolate Is Not Just Tasty — It’s Healthy as Well

Chocolate is often used as a flavor for countless drinks, foods and snacks. However, the problem is that most chocolate sold nowadays contain a lot of sugar, which can contribute to insulin resistance and a host of other health problems. However, dark chocolate made from high-quality cocoa powder is a healthy dietary choice that can provide a host of potential benefits. Prominent examples include:

Anti-inflammatory: Chocolate may be able to help fight inflammation in your system thanks to its polyphenols.7
Improve cognitive function: According to a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, chocolate has neuroprotective benefits and may preserve cognitive performance.8
Promote heart health: Chocolate may help lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as maintain blood pressure in a healthy range.9
Build up stamina: Research suggests that flavonols in chocolate may help improve your capacity for physical endurance, which can be beneficial to athletes.

Greek Yogurt Turns Frozen Fudge Pops Into a Protein Powerhouse

Greek yogurt is a modified form of regular yogurt. To make it, the yogurt is strained to remove the liquid whey. This results in a thicker consistency and a tangier flavor, as well as these other characteristics:10,11
• Higher protein: With the whey removed, a 100-gram serving of Greek yogurt has three times more protein compared to the same amount of regular yogurt.
• Lower carbohydrates: Greek yogurt has a lower amount of carbohydrates, which can be helpful if you’re cutting back on your carb consumption and implementing a ketogenic diet.
• Less sugar: The sugar content in Greek yogurt is lower compared to regular yogurt. This can benefit your health in many ways, as excess sugar consumption has been linked to various health problems.
Aside from the benefits mentioned above, Greek yogurt typically has the same benefits as regular yogurt, such as a source of healthy gut bacteria, calcium and vitamins A and B-12.12 However, I advise limiting your consumption of this type of yogurt (and the recipe) because of its high protein amount. Excess protein can stimulate your mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), which may increase your risk of developing cancer.

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