The Christmas Tree Tradition

Like any good story, the story of the Holistic Practice Sci-Fi Christmas tree too begins with a challenge. A long time ago, back in 1999 to be exact, my wife kindly asked me to stop putting all my sci-fi ornaments on our family Christmas tree. She suggested that instead, I could have my very own Sci-Fi tree. At the time, there was very little extra room available in our home for another Christmas tree, so I asked my wife if we could put it on display in her office. And of course, I also wanted other people to enjoy this unique tree as well. My wife loved the idea and as they say, the rest is history.

I started out modestly, getting an artificial three-foot tree off my cousin.  These were the humble beginnings of my Science Fiction Star Wars/Star Trek Christmas tree.

In hindsight, I gladly admit that her request was not only very reasonable but the very birth of a great and fun tradition!

Every year the tree is put on display for the month of December. Over the years, the tree has grown from that little 3-footer to its present size, which is about 8 feet. As I began to acquire more and more ornaments, it made sense to upgrade to a rotating tree stand so that all the ornaments could be viewed and enjoyed equally. A full rotation takes approximately 75 seconds.

Approximately 65%, of the ornaments are from Hallmark. I’d like to think that I am one of Hallmarks best customers every July and October, when Hallmark puts on their ornament release parties. The remaining ornaments are from various other companies, however, I have also custom built quite a few ornaments myself over the years.

One question we get a lot every year at the office is how many ornaments are on the tree. So about 5 years ago, I began having a contest. From the time the tree goes up to just before Christmas, patients and their family members are invited to enter a guess as to how many ornaments are on the tree that year. Each year I pre-determine how many ornaments I will give away and that decides how many winners there will be. The entries that guessed the closest, are the winners. However, if someone guesses within 5 ornaments, they win a grand prize. Something I have never announced before is that I also have a secret, special prize for whoever guesses the exact number of ornaments. And no, you don’t win the tree.

So, come on in to the Holistic Practice and enter your ballot with your guess as to how many ornaments are on the ever growing, ever expanding Holistic Practice Sci-Fi Christmas tree this year!

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