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“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you – from the bottom of my vertebraes!

I never thought after all I have been through over the years that I could ever feel this good! I’d forgotten what feeling close to normal could feel like. Not since my first accident over 15 years ago have I been able to be without some pain or discomfort. I have to say, it’s great!

And thanks to you I have also learned a lot about my body, which I think has helped to discover which adjustments work best for me. So thank you again Andrea for your efforts and your patience when listening to my aches and pains.”


“Thank you Andrea for all that you have done for me!

For always being encouraging, supporting and always caring. When I was miserable and ready to give up, you knew just what to say and do. For this I am very grateful and don’t know what I would have done without you! And thank you to your staff for always being friendly and making this a warm place to come, even when I am not feeling well!”

G. P.

“Thank you, Dr. Ferretti, for your excellent treatment and remedies!

They have made a huge difference. The improvements are outstanding. With sincere appreciation,”


“Thank you Dr. Ferretti for all that you have done for our family this year!

The capable care you have given us when coming in for an emergency visit; turning my son when he was breach; for healing countless pains and inspiring a deeper of health and well-being.”

Mike, Michelle, Jocelyn, Seth

“Thank you Dr. Ferretti and staff for creating for creating such a friendly and warm office atmosphere – and thank you most of all for the best care and personal interest you take in my health. You are a huge blessing to us!”

C. A.

“I have only praise for your service!

I came to you when I was at a real low point due to headaches. I am happy to say that now, 5 months later the pain has not returned! Thank you Dr. Ferretti for your expertise, your healing and kind and considerate bedside manners. I will most certainly give your name to those in need of your service! No doubt I and my family will see you soon again but I just wanted to say thank you for all your help!”

Warm regards, J.S.

“Dear Dr. Ferretti,
Thank you so very much for all your continued kindness and care you have shown to my family, my mother and myself! Ever since we first met I received the warmest and loving ‘family oriented’ reception one could receive…from you and your entire staff team. This in itself has meant the world to me. Of course your knowledge and expertise is most important to our well being and peace of mind. I’d like to thank you immensely for helping me the last few weeks (neck problems) and of course the three accidents over the last couple of years. Thank you for all of your help. It is much appreciated! You’re the best!”

Love, M.

“Dear Dr. Ferretti,
I just wanted you to know how deeply I appreciate the healing work you have so caringly supported me with regarding my shoulder and my entire sense of wholeness and well-being. Many blessings,”


“Dear Dr. Ferretti,
Thank you for all you do for me and others. The Lord be with you. Thank you,”


“Dear Dr. Ferretti – aka our Healthcare Support Network!
Words cannot express how thankful we are to be a part of your practice. You constantly go out of your way to help people through your amazing chiropractic care and emotional support. You have always given me reliable information and advice. I very much appreciate your constant support and reassurance regarding my son. You are the best doctor I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being our chiropractor, parent support and friend!”

Love, J. F.

“Letter to Dr. Ferretti
My experience with chiropractic has not been in the form of a miracle cure, but it has shown me that the body truly does have the power to heal itself. It has helped me become aware that dis-ease begins at the level of the body-mind connection. That I am in control of my health and my role in maintaining it is active, not passive. This has had a positive effect on all aspects of my life.
Dr. Ferretti, over many visits, gradually adjusted or ‘tuned up’ the areas of my body that needed it, thus helping me to focus my attention – and good intentions – on unconsciously held tensions. Unrelated aches and pains began to resolve themselves. The process is ongoing, as chiropractic supports and facilitates the ability of the body to heal itself – the real miracle!
PS: My child has loved all his treatments since his days in utero.”

E. R., Dundas

“Dear Dr. Ferretti,
Happy Anniversary – it’s been 6 months now since I have been a patient of yours. And I just wanted to thank you for your work. Not only have I experienced (non-drug and non-invasive) healing, but I have also learned a tremendous amount!
It pleases me that we share a common belief that both life and healing come from within and that the maintenance of my health is truly superior to the treatment of any disease. Once again, thank you Dr. Ferretti. I look forward to our ongoing and ‘healthy’ relationship!”

Be well, T. C.

“Letter to Dr. Ferretti,
I am a single parent with a son and daughter. My daughter lives with me. I worked 7 days a week in a restaurant to make ends meet. Life for me and my body was hard labour. The stress of being a single mum is incredible. The years took its toll on my body and finally one day my back gave out. The pain was intense. I could barely walk. A very dear friend of mine helped me into Dr. Ferretti’s office. I had never been to a chiropractor and did not know what to expect, but trusted my friend’s judgement.”

Dr. Ferretti worked on me and sent me home with the instruction to put ice on and off every 15 minutes. She gave me her home phone number in case I needed her. I was so scared and still in a lot of pain. Daily and weekly visits got me going again. Dr. Ferretti not only restored my physical strength, she also helped me with her words of wisdom and guiding me on a new path. Dr. Ferretti taught me to listen to my own body and rest as much as I could. I grew physically and mentally stronger. I stopped drinking beer 7 months ago and quit smoking after 3 years. I could only do this through strong mental health, which Andrea played a major role in.

I still continue to visit the Ferretti Wellness Center once a month to maintain my health. Andrea will always be a very special person to me. She helped me get on the right path and is now taking care of my daughter every month as well. Thank you Andrea for being who you are!

M. M.

“Letter to Dr. Ferretti,
Three years ago I experienced a burst disc in my lower back. After surgical repair I was left with numbness and tingling in my legs and stabbing pain in my lower back and legs. I began seeing Dr. Ferretti 2 years ago in September. I truly believe I would have continued be much worse if not for Dr. Ferretti’s work. It keeps my body aligned and in the best condition to ease and fight the continuous pain I experience. Dr. Ferretti’s warm and positive attitude has also provided the emotional support that may not ‘officially’ be part of my care but has become an essential part that I look forward to at every visit.”

P. G.

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