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According to the World Health Organization report on Human Disease, 9 out of 10 Canadians will die from chronic disease that is largely preventable through diet, exercise and a smoke-free lifestyle.

Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) is the designation given by IONC (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants) to a qualified healthcare professional that specializes in maintaining or restoring biochemistry and physiology in the body for optimum health and well-being. ROHP designation was granted to Dr. Andrea Ferretti based on her post-graduate training and clinical expertise.

Orthomolecular Health Practitioners assess the unique dietary and nutritional requirements of an individual and utilize a full spectrum of customized natural therapies including: diet and nutritional supplements, detoxification, and drainage.

Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioners (ROHPs) are scientific, evidence-based trained nutritional professionals who can educate you about diet, lifestyle, and detoxification for optimum health and energy. ROHPs are certified by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. IONC is a voluntary, non-profit incorporated organization founded in 1983.

We can assist you in building a healthier diet, incorporating the latest nutritional breakthroughs and personalized dietary supplement programs. We can design an individualized nutrition program that respects your unique biochemistry, food sensitivities and intolerances to help you build and maintain wellness.

We consider environmental pollution, metal toxicity, micro-organism imbalances, and other factors which can contribute to your body’s total toxic load and perpetuates chronic disease.

We educate you on how to support your body’s natural detoxification processes to help eliminate wastes and toxins that can damage cells, tissues, and organs.

We assist with lifestyle changes that incorporate the many benefits of regular exercise such as better cardio and lung capacity, more energy, muscle tone, posture improvement, stress release, weight control and enhancement of mood and appropriate emotional affect.

The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants was created to assist public awareness about making the best possible scientific based food choices for long-term health, and to regulate standards of education for its nutritional professional members. IONC has within its membership base, ROHPs who also hold designations such as registered nurse, doctor of chiropractic, naturopathic doctor, dentist, homeopathic doctor, veterinarian, acupuncturist, herbalist, iridologist, and registered massage therapist.

What is Health?

The basics of good health start at the cellular level. You are composed of 100 trillion cells which make up your tissues, organs and organ systems. If you take care of your cells in such a way that you are supplying them with good sources of the required nutrients necessary for their function and you are ensuring the pathways of elimination and channels of drainage are effectively open in order to address toxicities, then your cells will express HEALTH.

The Human Body Requires 5 Elements for the Expression of Health:

  • Fresh, non-GMO, and organic whole foods (earth);
  • Mature, clean and pristine spring water or clean ionized water (water);
  • A comfortable temperature and full spectrum sunlight (fire);
  • Fresh oxygenated and negatively charged air (air);
  • The earth’s natural magnetic and Schumann frequencies (aether).

Health can be maintained throughout a long life if these requirements are regularly met and there is a balance between activity/exercise and rest/sleep, and also providing that any toxic burdens and deficiencies are addressed.

What are Toxins?

Toxins are substances the body cannot utilize nor process that are subsequently stored in our cells. Toxins interfere with normal physiological functions and harm the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. There are Exogenous Toxins and Endogenous Toxins.

Exogenous Toxins come from outside sources and are generally inhaled or ingested. Some obvious and not so obvious sources include (but are not limited to): polluted air; city or tap water; cigarette smoke and second-hand smoke; alcohol; prescription medications; food additives; personal care products (including sunscreen and cosmetics); household cleaners; x-rays; microwaves; electro-magnetic pollution such as cell phones, computers, communication towers, fluorescent lighting, electrical appliances; chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc.; GMO foods; yeast contaminated crops – corn, soy, peanut; sources of meat that have been treated with anti-biotics and hormones.

Endogenous Toxins develop within the body as a result of a loss or deficiency in its homeostatic defense systems. What contributes to imbalance in the body and challenges homeostasis is poor lifestyle habits such as inadequate nutrition; deficiency in required nutrients (whole foods, clean water, adequate sunlight, adequate oxygenation, sufficient exercise, appropriate emotional support); suppressive medical treatments; drugs and vaccines; toxic household and/or external environment; inherited genetic weaknesses such as polymorphism. These toxins interfere with natural immunity and compromise the immune system, predisposing the biological terrain to the development of imbalances which allow pathogenic bacteria, fungus, viruses and/or parasites to become overgrown. The end result is the development of dis-ease and/or disease from the dangerous metabolic waste of these pathogens.

In order to assist the body in releasing toxins and thereby regaining and maintaining health effectively, drainage and detoxification strategies are employed. However, in order to prevent translocation and re-toxification at deeper levels, all channels for drainage must be open and the person must simultaneously be nourished, prior to detoxification.

This is the number one error that many people make when attempting to detoxify without accurate knowledge and proper strategies. They experience short term improvements while developing long term damage. Remember: nature abhors a vacuum. If something is going to be taken away, drained or detoxified for example, then something will rush in to take its place. If the drainage channels both locally and systemically are clearing at the correct levels then the process of draining, cleansing, and detoxification are off to a good start.

However, if a person is deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc. then this will be a great challenge to the healing process. If there are also dehydrated and acidic cells in the equation, then the person will fight an uphill battle as the patterns of dis-ease/disease will just repeat themselves in a different form.

Thus, prior to detoxification, all channels for drainage must be open. This includes the primary “local” glands and organs of elimination (liver, kidney, lung, colon, etc.) as well as “systemic” pathways of elimination (ECM – Extracellular Matrix; lymph system; connective tissues; ground regulation system). Many strategies are utilized in the process of stimulating and enhancing drainage in the glands and organs as well as the systemic pathways and include, but are not limited to: specific minerals, trace elements and homeopathic drainage remedies; adequate hydration and absorption; specific exercise; dry brushing; fasting; juicing; colonics; Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways; oil pulling; massage and self-massage; saunas (properly undertaken); baths – clay, epsom, mineral; PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency therapy); breathing exercise; castor oil therapy; meditation; stress management techniques; etc.

Our cells are genetically hard-wired for a life-span of approximately 120 years: we are born to live in health for a long time. However, most people will start to lose their quality of health pre-maturely and shorten their lifespan by developing chronic disease that is entirely preventable:

“There is increasing evidence suggesting that the resulting mismatch between what our genes expect versus what we’re delivering fosters diseases of civilization, meaning lifestyle illnesses, that together cause 75 per cent of deaths in Western nations, but that are rare among persons whose lives reflect those of our ancestors.” Eaton, 1988 Am J Med

“Currently, modern and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer are the leading killers of Westernized society and are increasing rapidly in developing nations.” Roberts, C.K. & Barnard, J.B. Effects of exercise and diet on chronic disease. 2005 J. Appl Physiol 98 3-30.

“Clearly, however, there is a solution to this epidemic of metabolic disease that is inundating today’s society worldwide – exercise and diet. Overwhelming evidence from a variety of sources, including epidemiological prospective core and intervention studies, links most chronic diseases in the world today to physical inactivity and inappropriate diet consumption.” Roberts, C.K. & Barnard, J.B. Effects of exercise and diet on chronic disease. 2005 J. Appl Physiol 98 3-30.

“There is now unequivocal evidence in the literature supporting the notion that environmental factors including physical inactivity, defined here as less than 30 minutes of brisk walking a day, have been identified as 58-91 percent of causal factors for three of the most dominant chronic health conditions afflicting individuals in modern day America, diabetes, heart disease, and site specific cancers.” Roberts, C.K. & Barnard, J.B. Effects of exercise and diet on chronic disease. 2005 J. Appl Physiol 98 3-30.

No matter what your present state of health, in this challenging environment of industrialized society, one can always benefit from having healthier cells. States of cell function and health are direct effects of lifestyle habits including diet, exercise, and thought patterns; thus, improving lifestyle habits improves cell function and health. Should you wish assistance with your health, please do not hesitate to contact us: 905-628-2389.

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