Matrix Repatterning

A revolutionary approach which allows for a high degree of diagnostic accuracy and proven results.

Matrix Repatterning utilizes a scientifically proven model of organic structure – the Tensegrity Matrix. This model explains many of the observed phenomena related to complex movement, structural integrity and tissue reaction to trauma.

Due to the interlinked nature of the molecular matrix, many disorders may be the result of patterns of tension arising from primary fixations anywhere in the body.  Water-filled internal organs and crystalline bone, due to their density, tend to absorb much of the force of impact injuries and are therefore frequent sites of primary restriction.

Matrix Repatterning allows for a high degree of diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility of results.  Treatment involves gentle manual pressure or light recoil (non-force) at the source of the restriction.  Many practitioners and patients report rapid, profound and lasting results including pain relief and significant restoration of function and range of motion.

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