The Heart — An Organ of Truth and Emotion

The Heart — An Organ of Truth and Emotion Sayings like “I love you with all my heart,” and “my heart swelled with joy,” or the reference to someone being “broken-hearted” or “cold hearted”, are these kinds of poetic sayings references to something that is biologically...

The Holistic Practice Sci-Fi Christmas Tree Tradition

The Christmas Tree Tradition Like any good story, the story of the Holistic Practice Sci-Fi Christmas tree too begins with a challenge. A long time ago, back in 1999 to be exact, my wife kindly asked me to stop putting all my sci-fi ornaments on our family Christmas...

The Holistic Practice on Social Media!

We are now on Social Media to serve you better! We are excited to announce that The Holistic Practice is now on Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media channels. We are just getting the hang of it, so please give us some time as we get comfortable communicating on...

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