Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.)

C.A.T.S. was introduced as a cutting edge development to chiropractic in 2003. Today, it is practiced by over 700 chiropractors worldwide.

The basic chiropractic principle of spinal subluxation adversely affecting the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, causing pain and malfunction, is even more evident with the brain and skull. When the bones in the skull become misaligned, the space between the skull and brain becomes compromised. This compresses the blood supply and flow of cerebral spinal fluid to the brain and can put direct pressure on the brain, causing cognitive and functional disorders as well as headaches.

As a certified C.A.T.S. chiropractor, Dr Ferretti can locate cranial subluxation and can tell patients – with pinpoint accuracy – the type of neurological conditions they may be experiencing. A cranial mapping chart for C.AT.S. chiropractors was developed which summarizes the latest 170 cranial mapping discoveries.
Many chiropractors agree that, for optimum results, they must include the skull and brain in their treatment repertoire. The technique is easy to learn and takes only seconds to perform. The technique is only taught to chiropractors because they have the necessary palpation abilities already perfected.

Patients with headaches, brain fog, poor memory, low productivity, a decreased ability to concentrate, sleep difficulties, cognitive difficulties, learning difficulties, comprehension, organization, decision making, speech, vision, or hearing difficulties, sinus problems, seizures, tremors, accelerated aging, dementias, impotency, irritability, anger, loss of strength and co-ordination that are not responding to regular chiropractic care, have been  seeing improvements, with C.A.T.S.

SOURCE: Dr. Roger Turner, DC  (from: Technique FYI: Cranial Adjusting Turner Style)

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