Foods to Avoid with Tendinitis

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A healthy diet can help manage the symptoms of bursistis or tendinitis but it won’t cure or prevent because both conditions involve inflammation. By avoiding certain foods that can cause inflammation, and choosing healthy alternatives, this can help minimize derivative pain and swelling. Foods can be neutral, acid, and alkaline. Foods containing too much acidity causes the body to release substances that cause inflammation. The key is to maintain the body at a low alkaline, or neutral, level and reduce the intake of foods that are acid. You can reduce the symptoms of your bursitis and tendonitis just by having your diet in check.

High-fat meats, especially red meat, and dairy products, especially cheese, though they are a source of nutrients such as protein, they are leading providers of saturated fat, which increases inflammation in the body.

Eating too many refined grains leaves little room for whole grains, which provide good amounts of fiber. Refined grains have a high glycemic index which impacts your blood sugar levels. Avoid foods such as white pasta, white rice, white bread, and refined cereals. Alot of these types of foods lead to excess body weight which increases stress on your joints, worsening the conditions even further.
With the grocery shop shelves overflowing with packaged foods, it is easy to end up with a diet of over-processed foods loaded with toxic flavoring, coloring additives, preservatives and refined ingredients. Alot of these foods are high in calories and low in nutrition. Such additives can increase your sensitivity to inflammation and directly activate an inflammatory processes in your body. This can be said about alot of fast foods.

Similar to refined grains, refined sugar can worsen bursitis and tendinitis, due to their high glycemic index. Spikes in your blood sugar may fuel the inflammation.

Partially hydrogenated oils are unhealthy, inflammatory fats found in processed foods which can help increase pain and swelling, and can cause serious cardiovascular health. Certain foods that should be avoided such as margarine, shortening, commercial pizza dough, pastries, pie crust, cookies and crackers.

Genetically engineered crops (GMO) contain genetic particles that stimulate inflammation (among many other health issues). Watch out for GMOs in your food, they will do your body no good.

Surprisingly enough, there are foods causing inflammation that you might want to avoid, even though they are otherwise very healthy – namely, the nightshade family. This includes tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, banana peppers, habanero peppers, and potatoes.

There are alot of alternatives out there so the focus should be on fresh, all-natural, non-GMO products.




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